Our vision of the PCYC Sailing School is more than just water activities for the day; it is a journey of personal development and growth for every individual who steps through our club’s boundaries.

For those kids just discovering the sport for the first time, it’s about enjoying mother nature and a new freedom on Lac St Louis. It’s about understanding the dynamics of wind and water combined to move a boat through the water in a direction of their choice. It’s about the building of confidence that they can be the commander of their own ship!

For those others who have taken a stronger interest in sailing, they move into more complex aspects of the sport to not only understand the wind and weather but also how to manipulate it to make the boat go where they want with confidence and control.

The City of Pointe-Claire has a FINANCIAL  ASSISTANCE program for qualified Pointe-Claire families. Click the link bellow for application criteria and further information.