Why be part of the race committee?

There are many reasons why one may decide to be part of the race committee.

• to be part of those who work to improve racing;
• to broaden my horizons in the world of yacht racing;
• for the purpose of learning more about the sport of sailing;
• share my skills and talents with others;
• to get to know my new sailing club better;
• to be part of an awesome team!

Race Management

The club is always looking for volunteers to assist in the running of races and regattas. Race Committee roles include;

  • Signal Boat Driver, 
  • Race Officer i.e. the person in charge for running the race
  • Visual Signaler; prepares, raises and lowers signal flags
  • Sounder
  • Recorder
  • Timekeeper
  • Line Spotter
  • Mark Boat Operator and more.

Typically each race committee volunteer will manage more than one of these roles. The club will support volunteers who are willing to sign up for certifications as well as providing support and development at club level.

For more information, please contact the Fleet Captain: ryan_stowe@hotmail.com