Maud Cup

August 5 1882, a sailing regatta was held.

Mr. Widmer Nelles won the regatta with his yacht named MAUD.

Mr. Nelles was one of the 37 founding members of the Pointe-Claire Yacht Club in 1879.

In 1970, this trophy was re-deeded in order to honor the winner of a single-handed race.


2023 Joe Ghattas

2022 Dave Covo

2021 Frank Ferrara

2020 Stéphan Blais

2019 Stéphan Blais

2018 Rick Shousha

2017 Rick Shousha

2015 Stéphan Blais

2014 Nicolas Mabboux

2011 Dave Covo

2010 Stéphan Blais

2009 Don McDonough

2006 Dave Lowther

2005 Brian Palfreeman

Mirage Cup

In 1946, J.A. Dakin (a contractor and developer who built Gables Court) sailed a boat named MIRAGE and purchased this cup from Birks for $34.

He donated it to Commodore Lindsay H. Place and was then awarded to the winner of the Mirage Cup race that year.


2023 John McGuinness

2021 Alain Vranderick

2020 Taras Iwanycki

2018 Bill Thompson

2017 Luc Gloutney

2016 Luc Gloutney

2015 Rick Shousha

2011 Allan Gray

2010 Allan Gray

2009 Laurent Fortin

Club Championship Trophy

This trophy was presented to E.C. Janes and E. March in memory of their son, Sgt. Fred Janes, who was killed in action in Normandy on July 25, 1944.

Its first winner was in 1947.

Today, we award this trophy to the winner of the event that invites PCYC’s top racers of the season.


2023 Ryan Stowe

2021 Bill Thompson

2020 George Stedman

2019 Dave, Anthony & Andrew Lowther

2018 Dave Covo

2016 Pierre Richard

2014 Pierre Carpentier & Toby Bryant

2013 Stephan Waldie & Nicola Mocchiutti

2012 Joe Jospe and Tom Egli

2011 Pierre Carpentier & Toby Bryant

2010 Tof Nicoll-Griffith

2009 Pierre Carpentier

2008 Joe Jospe

Lac St. Louis Pas de Deux Trophy

Racers from all 5 clubs on Lac St. Louis participate to represent their respective clubs. Boats are crewed by no more than 2 members and navigate around a series of SLVYRA marks. Boats accumulate points for their respective clubs based on their finishing order. The club with the most points is awarded the Lac St. Louis Pas de Deux Trophy

Team & Race Winners

2023 Team PCYC – David Lowther, Bill Thompson, Mathieu Grainger, Jean-Luc Taschereau

2023 – David Lowther

2021 Team PCYC

2021 Peter Rahn BYC

2020 PCYC

2020 Rick Shousha PCYC

2018 Peter Rahn BYC

2017 Peter Rahn BYC

2016 Eric Vasseur PCYC

2015 Dave Covo PCYC

2013 Bill Layton RStLYC

2010 Paul Lhotsky RStLYC

Tic-Toc Challenge Trophy

The Tic-Toc Challenge, a new speed competition that demands optimum sail trim, precise steering, and flawless navigation around a preset course.

Awarded to the most active participant in this competition, committed and determined to improve their sailing skills and their fastest time around the course.


2023 John Cornellier

2022 Eric Marsolais

2021 Jan Krejcar

2020 Jean-Luc Taschereau

Peter Kelly Memorial Trophy

This trophy formerly known as The Gremlin Trophy was re-deeded in 2021.

Participation in sailing activities and especially in competition has the potential to help aspiring young athletes develop self-confidence and independence.Competitors develop respect for themselves, their colleagues and the equipment they use.

The late Peter Kelly believed that not many sports can match what sailing can contribute to the development of young athletes. His numerous commitments to junior sailing programs matched with the right environment have allowed some of our athletes to compete at the highest levels.


2021 Angus Beauregard HYC

The Mirage Trophy

This award is presented to the participant who achieves “line honours”. In order to encourage innovation and unconventional racers, this line honours event is open to all non-motorized watercraft. The event is not restricted to sailing vessels, either. Rowing shells are welcome.


2021 Alain Vranderick

2020 Michael Brodeur

2019 Anthony & Andrew Lowther

The Spirit of the White Sail Fleet Award

The award is presented to the person who takes to the water, participating in White Sail events they strive to excel at; engaging themselves as a means of achieving development with the utmost enjoyment, sportsmanship and graciousness.


2023 Mathieu Grainger

2022 Robert Girling

2021 Eric Marsolais

2020 Jean-Luc Taschereau

2019 Frank Ferrara

2009 Taras Iwanycki

2008 Bruno & Elyse on Lady Heron

2005 Laird Glass

2004 John Macleod

2003 Roy Carter

2002 Norman Dunn & Martin Picard

2001 Marek Parnell & Carole Fuger

2000 Laurent Fortin

The O’Well Memorial Cup

This cup is awarded to a member of Pointe Claire Yacht Club who has made a significant contribution to the sport of sailing whether such contribution be personal achievement or by support and participation at any level of the sport.


2023 Frank Ferrara

2022 Tof Nicoll-Griffith

2019 George Stedman

2018 Mike Marcille

2016 Dave Pelling

2015 Tom Egli

2014 Madeleine Palfreeman

2013 John & Esther Macleod

2012 Richard & Erica Moore

2008 Roy Carter

2005 René D’Allaire

2002 Peter Bauer

2000 Jim Rowlandson