Sail this course against the clock! The Tic-Toc Time Trial Challenge is an easy and simple event that runs all season from June 1 until October 1. Record your elapsed time sailing on this season’s 3.1 nm course. Beat your personal best, or your competitor’s, any day and as often as you wish. You can race single-handed, with your family or other crew, white sail or with spinnaker.

Start the timer when the skipper exits the 1 boat-length circle around mark 32 and stop it when the skipper re-enters the 1 boat-length circle of mark 32. All marks are rounded by sailing to within one boat length of the mark.

Submit your elapsed time and details of your attempt. Every Friday, we will update the rankings on this page.

This challenge is governed only by your motivation to improve your sail trim, steering and navigation skills. There is no race committee and no busy start line. Sail against the clock, gain boat handling experience, single-handed or with your crew, and have fun! Flags are awarded to the top three and a trophy to the racer with the most attempts.