PCYC cruises are planned every summer. Cruising in company is a very enjoyable, relaxed and sociable activity with opportunities for meeting others, making new friends and sharing the wealth of knowledge of sailing that exists within the Club. It has the added bonus of going places you might not think of, with assistance and advice never far away.

Traditionally, a handful of extended or long-weekend events are organized during the sailing season. Details on current season cruises will be posted on the Events page and on the club calendar as planning progresses.

Capable, friendly, dedicated and volunteer cruise skippers are the key starting point of every organized cruise event.

Moonshine Cruise

Date: TBD

Moonshine Cruise

There is something rather magical about boating at night, and you’ll love it. If you’ve never cruised at night then you’re really missing out on one of the most magical and soulful boating experiences possible. The stillness of a moon-lit lake on a cloudless night can be a contemplative adventure that distills the very essence of pure boating.

Each summer, PCYC plans a cruise under the glow of a full moon on Lac St. Louis and take in the sky of twinkling stars and a moon that will leave you breathless. This beautiful event happens once a month.

To cruise at night is to experience the most intense, spiritual joy that sail/cruising affords.

The date for the 2022 cruise has yet to be decided. Please review the guidelines we have prepared if you decide to register for the next cruise.