The Pointe-Claire Yacht Club and its members greatly appreciate their ability to access and enjoy Lac St. Louis and connected waterways; and the ability to use the Club’s grounds and facilities to pursue the sport of sailing and boating and related recreational activities.  With this access, is the recognition of the importance and necessity of ongoing environmental accountability and stewardship. This has resulted in the establishment of the following Environmental Policy in December 2019. 

That PCYC will endeavour to protect and improve our water, land and air environments; and will progressively undertake and sustain specific initiatives, with the goal of contributing to environmental sustainability and climate change mitigation

In progressing toward this goal, PCYC and its Executive Committee officers are committed to making best efforts to attain the following objectives:

  • To implement and sustain specific Environmental Sustainability and Protection initiatives,  involving all aspects of Club operations and activities;
  • To maintain an Environmental Committee to plan and implement initiatives; and to communicate with and regularly report to members;
  • To endeavour to make Environmental Sustainability awareness and actions an integral part of the culture of PCYC;  
  • To obtain environmental certification from the appropriate boating organization; and to ensure ongoing improvement through self-evaluation, and environmental-audit as may be appropriate.

The following categories of GREEN INITIATIVES have been implemented to date:

Waste Management
Through out the club initiatives have been put in place to increase the recycling and composting of waste material. This effort has focused on the kitchen and installation of waste stations  around the yard.
Single Use Plastic
In an effort to reduce waste the use of single use plastics has been reduced significantly. The use of reusable water bottles is promoted with installation of a chilled water fountain on the veranda. 
Blue Foam Removal
Many of the older docks at PCYC use high density polystyrene for buoyancy.  Over time, these deteriorate with larger pieces littering the shoreline and smaller micro plastics entering the food chain. PCYC has committed to replacing these floats as the docks are upgraded and to ensuring proper reprocessing and reuse.
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Mitigating Soil and Water Contamination
Includes boat pre-launch preparation protocols to mitigate contamination; fuel spill cleanup material and protocol.
Bird Repopulation
Designated as a species of special concern by the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada, Barn Swallows can be frequently be seen swooping  around PCYC. Having previously taken up residence in the sail shed the club is experimenting with nesting boxes installed around the main building.
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Tarp Disposal
Through local contacts with the farming community we have established a scheme to reuse old tarpaulins. The initiative is proving very successful and work is in progress to expand it the recycling of shrink wrap material.

Bike Rack Replacement
To encourage people to use alternate  modes of transport new bike racks have been acquired that are big enough for, well bikes.
Clean Racing
Clean Racing BEST PRACTICES have been determined and are included in all PCYC Notice-of-Race information for Races and Regattas.
These apply to Organizers, Race Committees and Racers.
Junior Sailing Training
Information about Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability AWARENESS and PCYC BEST PRACTICES is included in PCYC Junior Sail Training Programs.

Member Awareness and Engagement 
“GREEN TIPS” and marine-related Environmental information items are sent to our members regularly. There is also an outdoor NOTICEBOARD used to highlight particular Environmental issues.
Also, a brief GREEN Annual Report on the Club’s Environmental progress each season is provided to members.”