Enjoy the camaraderie, fun, and exhilaration of sailboat racing at the Pointe-Claire Yacht Club. Racing has been an integral part of PCYC with a long tradition of racing excellence. The club offers a series of events suited for every type of sailor. Lac St-Louis also has a long tradition of interclub racing.

Overview of PCYC’s racing opportunities:

For newcomers to racing, we recommend participating in our TGIF Friday Racing Clinics.

On Tuesday and Thursday evenings, you can participate in the popular Lac St. Louis GNS (Good Neighbour Series), a season-long Interclub event where racers from PCYC, BYC, and RStLYC come together for competitive yet amicable competition.

Throughout the season, PCYC hosts a range of Signature club events spread over weekends, catering to racers of all skill levels, including families.

Try our Tic-Toc Challenge for a chance to race against the clock and compare your performance with fellow racers.

Additionally, neighboring clubs on the lake organize and host various events open to all participants.

There is rarely a boat that is not looking for crew. If simply crewing is for you, check out our Crewing page for further details.

Members are invited to consult the online Official Notice Board in order to get the latest information on scheduled races at the club and around the lake.

2021-2024 Racing Rules Of Sailing

A better understanding of sailing racing rules will help you improve your performance. RRS.org is an indispensable source of information for competitors, judges and other race officials. The website clearly and concisely lists racing rules with extensive references to national cases and appeals. This is a comprehensive and authoritative resource on the rules for competitors, judges and other race officials.

The Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) are updated every 4 years. Every racing sailor, coach, official and regatta organizer should own a Rule Book for ready reference.

A copy can be purchased from Club office or from Voile Québec. Or download a free PDF booklet (download PDF)

The Sail Canada Prescriptions for the 2021-2024 Racing Rules of Sailing are available here:

RRS 2021-2024 Sail Canada Prescriptions

World Sailing

On the World Sailing Website, you will find all the information relating to the supervision of the sailing race. Whether it is for world class identification, or event management. The site brings together all the information on the process of training and certification of officials, the development of athletes as well as the rules.

Clean Racing best practices

PCYC has in recent years been organizing and competing within the principles of clean races and clean regattas. This addendum is simply a reminder of the key best practices that contribute toward clean and sustainable water, land and air environments.

Ongoing attention to the following by race and regatta organizers, racers and race committee officers is important and is encouraged by PCYC.


  • Bring your own reusable water bottle, and avoid single-use plastic bags, containers, packaging etc;
  • When washing your boat, eliminate the use of any harmful cleaning products. Do a “water only” wash down or use non-toxic products;
  • Sail your boat to the race course rather than motoring;
  • Do not dispose any trash or waste into the water (see RRS 55);
  • Return any trash ashore and dispose it into the appropriate waste bins (recyclable, compostable or garbage);
  • If you need to replace you motor, consider electric, propane or an efficient 4-stroke.


  • Organize and manage a paperless event, using online registration, providing NORs, SIs and other event documents solely electronically;
  • Create an official Online Notice Board;
  • Use whiteboards and flat-screen monitors to broadcast and report event information and results;
  • Ensure your site has readily accessible and clearly identified Recyclables, Compostable and Garbage bins in place;
  • Educate volunteers about appropriate disposal requirements;
  • Bring your own reusable water bottle and avoid single-use plastic bags, containers, packaging etc;
  • Ensure a water-filling station is available;
  • Eliminate single-use dinnerware and cups. No styrofoam, no plastic straws etc;
  • Consider anchoring spectator boats instead of motoring around the race course;
  • Pomote your clean event on the website, social media and at the skippers meeting.

Race Committee Officers

  • Limit the number of support boats and use the most efficient available;
  • Ensure mark boats shut their engines and anchor in place after marks have been set;
  • Bring your own reusable water bottle and avoid single-use plastic bags, containers, packaging etc;
  • Do not dispose any trash or waste into the water;
  • Return any trash ashore and dispose it into the appropriate waste bins (recyclables, compostables or garbage);
  • Minimize paper in the recording, tracking and reporting of Race Results.