The TGIF Racing Training Clinic is meant to be a fun evening to encourage sailors to take guests or fellow members out sailing without the stress of competitive racing. Our TGIF event offers a calm, safe, non-shouting environment on board so you can enjoy the experience of sailing in a fleet while learning sail trim techniques, helming and tactics.

Our goals:

  • To foster skill development for ALL sailing levels
  • To provide a “no-intimidation” atmosphere for novice racers
  • To help novice sailors adopt and grow our sport.

It is not necessary to be a skilled sailor to join us in this event or even know how to race. The objective is to help sailors and crew develop their skills so that they feel equipped and comfortable taking part in our other club races.

New for the 2024 season

This year we will be alternating between the PCYC and the RStLYC Friday Fun Race. Check the club Calendar to know which race falls on any specific Friday.

Adding the RStLYC Friday race into this learning event will give newcomers and newbie racers an opportunity to experience a format that will serve as a stepping stone to the more competitive GNS Inter-club Series. The RStLYC race is described with official race documents (Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions), offering a start line and race course managed by trained Race Committee Officers. Racers will be on a triangle course under white sail in a non-competitive and friendly environment.


5:30pmSkippers and Crew shall come to the Clubhouse patio where we will present the race course consisting of SLVYRA buoys. Boats are assigned their individual start times for the pursuit start.

Navigation data on buoy location and their bearings can be found here:

5:45pm – Boat preparation and setup (we suggest doing this before 5:30pm).

6:15pm – Planned warning signal for a 45-60 minutes race. Starting area is shown in the Lake Chart below.

After the race, we gather on the patio for our popular Friday night BBQ!

Additional race information can be found here:

Our TGIF participants are part of a Whatsapp group. Please contact the Fleet Captain to be added.