We are committed to attracting and training new sailors with several levels of memberships available

Senior Memberships

  • Age 35+
  • Boat owners 

Associate Memberships

  • Ages 25-34
  • May or may not own a boat  

Intermediate Memberships

  • Ages 18 -24
  • Full-time student at college or university

Social Membership

  • Age 35+
  • Full access to everything the club has to offer

Disabled Memberships

  • Available to eligible applicants
  • Our grounds and clubhouse are disabled friendly

CREW (Limited Access Pass)

This pass does not entitle the holder to any of the perks, privileges or benefits that a club membership offers. See Membership Benefits.

Access to the club begins from the first GNS (Good Neighbour Series) warm-up race until the last Frost Bite Series race and is limited to the time period before and after a racing event.

This category requires sponsorship from a Skipper, followed by a meeting with and the approval by the Fleet Captain.

Additional Information on Membership

Please contact the club office for additional information on membership and boat storage fees.

The personal information provided in your Application for Membership will be used to assess and process your Membership Application. Please note that applications for all categories of Membership are required to be posted on the Members’ notice board and be accepted by the Executive Committee. The Club protects the privacy of the information collected from Members.

Membership Application

Kindly return your application by email or fax

Schedule of Charges and Membership Fees