There has been a long tradition at PCYC that volunteers prepare a simple meal for racers, to be served following Tuesday evening GNS races. Racers have always enjoyed these meal events; and also the experience of being part of the “meal preparation team” for one of these evenings. Non-racing members may also volunteer to prepare a meal. And, are also welcome to sign-up to enjoy a sailors supper. The calendar for these great meal events is from May 24th to August 23rd. Early in the season the Shore Officer is responsible for recruiting volunteers to signup for these events.

“I’m in!” takes you to our ivolunteer page to register and book the Tuesday that suits you. Thank you !

The following provides some specifics about what is involved:


  1. Between 25 and 40 (maximum) meals are required; mostly depends on weather forecast;
  2. A team of 2 to 3 (max) is all that is required;
  3. A quick review of the kitchen and available pots, pans, utensils, condiments etc, a couple of days ahead, will make your event easier;
  4. Simple, tasty meals are the best ( such as…casserole, lasagne, shepherd’s pie, pasta, or anything tasty). Typical menu is a main dish, small salad, French bread and dessert (ice cream, fruit, ready-made squares are good choices); vegetarian alternatives may be made available as desired;
  5.  Food can be bought ready-made (Costco, for example) or freshly prepared;
  6. Total food cost can be up to $250 depending on number of meals prepared;
  7. Robin Thompson (Member Services) will be pleased to prepare an inviting menu poster for display in the dining room; please ask her no later than Monday AM.

Cooking and serving

  • Hats or hair nets, face masks, and shoes are required (no sandals or flip-flops);
  • Food must be ready to serve when racers return; if any non-racers wish to eat earlier, the Chefs may serve some meals earlier at their discretion; last meals should be served by 9:15 PM (approximately);
  •  Diners must provide a “meal ticket” before being served;
  • A staff person will assist volunteers with “kitchen logistics” and will handle dishwashing and cleanup;
  • Unused food should be stored in the refrigerator or freezer;
  • Each volunteer Chef can have one “free” meal;
  • Any food waste must be deposited into a compostables bin, which will be available in the kitchen.

Advance signup and payment

  • Meals will be available on a “first registered” basis, up to the maximum that has been set, depending upon expected turnout —  (40 meal maximum);
  • All Diners must register prior to the race to ensure they will be served; a sign-up sheet will be available at the bar;
  • Meal Tickets will be provided by the Bartender upon payment.


  • When all meals have been served, the collected Tickets are to be given to the bartender for reconciliation;
  • All receipts for food items purchased are to be submitted to the General Manager for prompt reimbursement.

For any additional information please contact John Edwards — Shore Officer