Any good racing program requires support from a group of dedicated volunteers giving their time to help run the races. Big boats, small boats, juniors racing….you name it. All classes and events need qualified, talented volunteers to support their racing.

When everything on the racecourse is running smoothly, it’s important to remember that it’s because good decisions were made by the race officials, leading to a fair and well-managed race. There are many variables that need to be addressed before the starting sequence commences. While perfection is the goal, it’s incredibly difficult to achieve.

Race Committee roles include;

  • Signal Boat Driver, 
  • Principal Race Officer (PRO); the person in charge for a particular race
  • Visual Signaler; prepares, raises and lowers signal flags
  • Sounder
  • Recorder
  • Timekeeper
  • Line Spotter
  • Mark Boat Operator and more.

Typically each race committee volunteer will manage more than one of these roles.

Your Race Committee is made up of dedicated volunteers committed to running top quality sailing events while providing a fair and safe racing environment for the competing sailors.

Race Committee Resources

  • Sail Canada (The national governing body for sail racing in the Canada)
  • Sailing (The governing  body for sail racing worldwide) 
  • The RRS (Racing Rules of Sailing) are available to view download at World Sailing’s site here. 
  • The Sail Canada Prescriptions to the international rules are available here.
PCYC Race Committee (1942)