GNS – Good Neighbour Series

The Good Neighbour Series is a shared effort of Beaconsfield, Pointe Claire and the Royal St. Lawrence Yacht Clubs. Its purpose is the promotion of mid-week, evening races for all types of boats primarily using PHRF handicapping. 

Races take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:40 PM 

These races are followed by the Sailors’ Suppers at the club which is a “can’t miss” part of the evening where competitors debrief over a delicious meal and an assortment of refreshments. This post race gathering on the patio and/or in the dining room is an opportunity to compare notes, discuss tactics and maneuvers (the ones that worked and those that went wrong!), make new friends and recruit new crew. 

If you are a boat owner and participating for the first time:

  1. Your mainsail must display a sail number
  2. Your boat must have a handicap rating. If you require a rating, or if your boat/sails have undergone modifications, contact PCYC’s Handicapper –  Laird Glass
  3. You must register at SLVYRA (St. Lawrence Valley Yacht Racing Association):   GNS Registration

The GNS Official Notice Board, all racing documents, and race results can be found at:

Sailwave – Sailing Scoring Software