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July 7 2024


The TRY (Training Regatta Youth) is Montreal’s largest annual sailing regatta for youths. Racing takes place over 3 days and features the Optimist, ILCA 4 and 6, and Club 420 classes.

Housing available at John Abbott College. Contact the office for more info!

First Name of AthleteLast Name of the AthleteClassSail numberClub name
DianaStedmanILCA 4 (4.7)199772Pointe Claire Yacht Club
ZakaryFavret ILCA 6 (Radial)217812RStLYC/SBYC
LionelBitibaly SunOptimist RED (has not reached the age of 15 by December 31 2023)1175RStLYC
Kevin KuanLIUOptimist BLUE (must not have reached the age of 13)1783RSTLYC
LucaMoellerOptimist BLUE (must not have reached the age of 13)13427Pcyc
axelsnyderILCA 4 (4.7)216280cvdm
CharlieBarrigaILCA 6 (Radial)200612PCYC
LoïcMenierILCA 4 (4.7)200201Rstyc
AidenBurgessILCA 6 (Radial)209656PCYC
OceanRobinsonILCA 6 (Radial)198332HYC
MarinaLavarenneOptimist White (must not have reached the age of 11 prior to the first day of competition)CAN1557PCYC
GabeShapiroILCA 6 (Radial)216336Royal St. Lawrence Yacht Club
KiriamPellicer-LavoieILCA 6 (Radial)219753Club de voile memphremagog
AzaleaRobinsonILCA 4 (4.7)CAN - 192034Hudson Yacht Club
XavierDucharme Optimist RED (has not reached the age of 15 by December 31 2023)1608RSLYC
RebeccaDucharmeOptimist RED (has not reached the age of 15 by December 31 2023)1761RSLYC
EllisPenneyOptimist WHITE (must not have reached the age of 11 prior to the first day of competition)1763PCYC
SidneySimardOptimist GREENCAN1573LRYC
OliviaMissonnierILCA 4 (4.7)219735PCYC
ThomasStorerCLUB 4209443Nepean Sailing Club
AlexanderBradnockCLUB 4209154Nepean Sailing Club
OwenLeachCLUB 4209447Nepean Sailing Club
Evelyne BARRIGAOptimist GREEN1809PCYC
OlivierPingotCLUB 4208232NSC (Nepean Sailing Club)
Joel VoyerCLUB 4209441Nepean Sailing Club
Oliver Johnston ILCA 4 (4.7)191939Royal st Lawrence
FélixHometCLUB 4206934Beaconsfield Yacht Club
DaphneCasavantCLUB 4206926PCYC
TylerFensterCLUB 4205305Beaconsfield yacht club
DariusFerrara-BlonkCLUB 4207213BYC
LeonFeehan-AstudilloCLUB 4205501Beaconsfield Yacht Club
XuanleZhouCLUB 420# 5307Royal St Lawrence Yacht club
GianniBielloILCA 4 (4.7)216323PCYC
JulietteHonnorOptimist GREEN6Royal Saint Lawrence
MelissaLuOptimist GREEN1127Royal St. Lawrence Yacht Club
ElodieBeckOptimist RED (has not reached the age of 15 by December 31 2023)1234HYC
JianzeZhaoCLUB 4206494Royal Saint-Laurent
LaurentGeoffrionCLUB 4202979Royal saint-Lawrence yacht club
JohnZHOUILCA 4 (4.7)194159PCYC
LukasCartlidgeCLUB 4207605RSLYC
HibaKadiriCLUB 4205248royal st-lawrence yacht club
Dimitri LoukasLoukasCLUB 4205607Royal St Lawrence Yatch Club
JeannerousseauILCA 6 (Radial)193371CVDM
BenjaminLocasOptimist GREENUnknownEntre Air et Mer
NoahLocasOptimist GREENUnknownEntre Air et Mer
Élise SewinaOptimist RED (has not reached the age of 15 by December 31 2023)CAN1923Club de voile Deux montagnes
TessaMcGhanCLUB 4209442Nepean Sailing Club
Alexandra NicolauCLUB 4205875Royal Saint Lawrence Yacht Club.
Hunter NelsonOptimist GREEN1245RSTLYC
KingsleyDupuisOptimist GREEN14P.C.Y.C.
NoePortelanceCLUB 4207539PCYC/QST
AnnalynTardyCLUB 4206901Pointe Claire Yacht Club
JacquesFortierCLUB 4207536Pcyc
Massimo LevittCLUB 4206940Pointe Claire Yacht Club
AngelaSwansonCLUB 4206895pcyc
KokoLeeOptimist RED (has not reached the age of 15 by December 31 2023)1801Mont-Tremblant/YCO
AdriCrowleOptimist BLUE (must not have reached the age of 13)1613HYC
Lanxi ChenOptimist Green-288Beaconsfield Yacht Club
LiamRiggsOptimist GREEN222Beaconsfield
NoahThielOptimist GREEN277BYC
MalekLoutfiOptimist GREEN269Beaconsfield Yacht Club
LiamNoceOptimist GREEN17Pointe Claire
JackLucuOptimist GREEN7PCYC
ZhengYiLiILCA 4 (4.7)214509royal st. lawrence yacht club
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Benjamin Port-LouisM
Benjamin VittecoqXS
Daren RossXS
ZsoltHegyiCLUB 420tbdBeaconsfield Yacht Club
ZsoltHegyiCLUB 420tbdBeaconsfield Yacht Club