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October 14 2023


Please call or email the office to start setting up haul-out dates. 514-695-2441 pcycoffice@pcyc.qc.ca

If your boat is scheduled to be hauled out on Oct 14, please ensure it is ready by Friday Oct 13th with the following preparations:

  • Stern and bow lines of at least 25 feet
  • Markers are in place for the haul-out straps
  • Rudder and tiller must remain in place, so the boat can be properly towed if required. 
  • Backstays removed for boats with their mast up. These boats MUST have a temporary backstay installed.
  • Cradle and Trailers identified with the name of owner/boat and pads in place (and threads greased), hitches unlocked and tired inflated.

Since haulout schedules are subject to change, owners are required to be present at least one hour before their boats’ scheduled haulout. Members are also strongly encouraged to volunteer ideally for a 2-hour shift of one of several haulout tasks. Volunteering is an integral part on Haul-Out day and an important part of the PCYC community. Signup sheets are available in the clubhouse, and both Club Manager and Harbourmaster will be on site to assign tasks as needed. 

Alex Nemet, Club Manager