This racing competition does not involve a race committee, protest committee, mark set or finish boat; all things we took for granted for years. It puts every boat and every person on an honor system.

At any time during the season, participants can sail this 3nm course as fast as possible and record their elapsed time,

The timing starts when the skipper (in the normally occupied position) exits the 1 boat-length circle around mark 32 and stops when the skipper re-enters the 1 boat-length circle of mark 32,

All marks are rounded by sailing within one boat length of the mark,

Elapsed times are sent to the Scorekeeper then corrected using the boat’s Time on Time handicap,

Participants can sail the course as often as they wish,

This event puts every person on an honor system, so fair play and good seamanship is expected,

Prizes are awarded at the end of the season.