The regatta will be governed by the Racing Rules of Sailing.


By definition there should be only 2 active crew members on board each boat – extra persons may be carried as passengers but must not take part in the workings of the boat other than in an emergency. This is a white sail race. No spinnakers may be flown.


Open to PHRF racers and cruisers with a current SLVYRA handicap rating. All Yachts should register with skipper’s & yacht’s name, boat type, sail number & SLVYRA PHRF white sail handicap (Time on Distance) by 9pm Thursday to receive their own calculated start time.

This may be done by contacting Tof Nicoll-Griffith at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Go to www.SLVYRA.ca to find your handicap.

Prior to the warning signal, all competitors shall sail by the stern of the race committee boat, on starboard tack, to identify his/her boat and confirm their start time. Late entrants may be accepted and given start times entirely at the Race Committee’s discretion.

Boats will be handicapped according to the appropriate PHRF T/D rating. If a boat does not have a valid handicap, the race committee will assign a provisional handicap for this race. The decision of the race committee will be final.

Each boat will be allocated a start time based on their adjusted handicap and an estimate by the Race Committee of the anticipated time duration of the race.

The start time is the number of minutes following the start signal that each boat should cross the starting line. The first boat over the finish line shall be deemed to be the winner and so on until all entrants have crossed the finish line.


The course will be located roughly in an area in front of LRYC, BYC and PCYC. The starting mark will be SLVYRA #32 .


There shall be just one racing division for keelboats and only two active crew members in each boat.


The racing marks will be selected from the current SLVYRA racing mark chart (attached). A pennant will be displayed on the race committee boat to indicate which course will be used. Both courses are the same length.


There are two courses. The best will be chosen depending on the wind:

Course 1:

Start Gate @ SLVRYA #32 ->#34(Port) ->#44(Port)->#33(Starboard) ->#43(Port) -> #31(Port) ->#32 Finish

Course 2:

Start Gate @ SLVRYA #32 ->#31(S) ->#43(S) ->#33(P) ->#44(S) -> #34(S) ->#32 Finish

(Course 2 is the reverse of course 1)

Prior to the warning signal, the appropriate pennant will be displayed on the mast of the RC boat.


In the event of any boat (s) making a premature start, one sound signal (horn) and code flag “X” will be flown. The boat concerned must return and round either end of the starting line before restarting their race.


The finishing line will be between a staff displaying an RC flag or shape on a race committee boat and a nearby mark (32).


The time limit for all boats racing shall be 40 minutes after the first boat to finish.

All boats not finishing within the time limit will be scored as Did Not Finish.

This changes Rule 35.



The First Boat over the finish line having successfully completed the course shall be the winner. Likewise further positions shall be awarded to all boats in order of finishing the race. All these positions will count towards respective Yacht Club’s total score.


Prizes will be awarded to first, second and third place finishers and will be presented at PCYC as soon as possible after the race.

The Lac St-Louis Pas-de-Deux trophy will be awarded to the winning Yacht Club based on the finishing position of all successfully completing entrants.


Boats retiring should not cross the finish line. However, in order to prevent unwarranted search and rescue operations, they must report their withdrawal either to the race committee, or by telephoning PCYC immediately upon reaching shore.

Race Committee will monitor VHF Channel 68 and broadcast any changes there.


Course 1:

Start Gate @ SLVRYA #32 ->#34(Port) ->#44(Port)->#33(Starboard) ->#43(Port) -> #31(Port) ->#32 Finish

Course 2:

Start Gate @ SLVRYA #32 ->#31(S) ->#43(S) ->#33(P) ->#44(S) -> #34(S) ->#32 Finish

(Course 2 is the reverse of course 1)

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